About a year ago, myself and my girlfriend Francesca Lewis, began working on music together, for fun mostly. Her take on music is a lot more song-orientated than my own, and the idea was to come up with some music that she would be able to sing to. We quickly got a couple of demos together, which are very different to the kind of thing I normally do under the Novak name. More structured, more aimed at having vocals put to them, dare I say it, more pop? Around about the same time we had been watching Twin Peaks again, and also we had watched Fire Walk With Me together for the first time. Francesca in particular was very affected by the film (she has since written an essay on it for her MA in Interdisciplinary Psychology), and we decided to use it, and Twin Peaks more generally, as a loose theme for the tracks we were writing together.

The result is Falling In Space. A five track EP, each song based around a character (person/place/object) from the Twin Peaks universe that has some relationship with Laura Palmer.

  • Donna
  • Maddy
  • Ghostwood
  • Ronette
  • Diary

The title itself we took from the scene in FWWM where Laura and Donna are talking, and Laura talks about how it would feel if you were falling in space:

“for a long time you wouldn’t feel anything, and then you’d burst into fire, forever. and the angels wouldn’t help you, because they’ve all gone away.”

The songs were intended to have vocals on them, but unfortunately we don’t live in a quiet area. Right outside it a busy main road and intersection, so there is a lot of traffic noise. Francesca also has very limited time, between work and her university studies, so we just weren’t able to spend the time doing that as we’d have liked. The songs work as instrumentals, but maybe one day we’ll go back and record vocals on them.

For now, the EP is available from Bandcamp as a free/pay what you like download.