The Gift Garden

This apartment is his world. Something grows within the walls and within his being.

Her world lies beyond these walls. Beyond him.

Consumed by a malignant jealousy, he watches as she fades away. Trying to hold on to her. To reach her. To restore her.

He must struggle against the garden and its gifts. The buried remnants of his failure. The fruit of a twisted tree. Find his way back to her.

The Gift Garden is unlike any book I’ve read before. It has the claustrophobia of Beckett and the displaced dread of Kafka – but also a truly original sense of imagery, dream, and lush language. Mooney has done something new here, and the reader won’t be disappointed with the result. A beautiful, original book.”

Amber Sparks, author of The Unfinished World & Other Stories.

“Kenny Mooney’s The Gift Garden is a dense, claustrophobic vision, oozing dread, infection, spilled viscera. This is a literature without compromise.”

Robert Kloss, author of The Revelator.

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